You are stagnating in your progress.

We are specialized to make you evolve on the manoeuvres you want to learn.

A week of internship with our professionals to guide you through the tricks, giving you the best advice to succeed.

We are specialized:

  • Strapless
  • freestyle
  • Big aire
  • Foil
  • Move old school

The required level is to know how to go upwind. We will adapt the stay according to your wishes.

We will be in groups of 6 people maximum during 6 days when we will sail on the best spots of Icaraizinho.

6 days of training at 650 € / person
The price indicated is based on a minimum of 3 people.

Which is included:

  • Transport to go to the spot 10 min from Icaraizinho
  • Kitesurfing coaching stay:
    • Minimum of 20 hours of supervision during the week
    • Downwind to join the spot (depending on the level of each one)
    • Navigation
    • Video analysis

Which is not included:

  • The flight
  • Airport Transfer
  • Accommodation
  • Kite equipment (possibility to rent if available)
  • Food and drink.

Required levels :

  • Knowing how to go upwind
We personalize your perfect stay
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