Objective of downwind trips with Kitexperiment:

We have adapted the downwind week, so that all autonomous kitesurfers can enjoy their stay.
From Taiba to Jericoacoara we will kitesurf and 4×4 220 km of the north-east coast.
The goal of each day is to take the time to discover the spots, and be able to enjoy during our kite ride.
The guides and drivers have a great knowledge of the Brazilian coast (more than 10 years of experience).
Our guides on the water will be there to support you during your ride. (board recovery, re-launch…). They are also coaches. They will give you the best advices to improve your downwind technique, as well as to manage the specificities of downwind.
The 4×4 will follow you on the beach for your safety, the experienced drivers will also be able to assist you during the take-off or landing of your kite.

Day 1 (Saturday) Arrival in Taiba

  • Briefing with the group.
  • Making contact with the group and the management team.
  • Checking of materials if necessary.
  • Organization of the week on the downwinds.

Day 2 (Sunday) Taiba – Paracuru 10 km

  • Morning briefing.
  • A first technical downwind with certainly waves.
  • Depending on the choice of the group we will continue riding in Paracuru or in the Taiba lagoon.
  • Debriefing of the first day.

Day 3 (Monday) Lagoinha – Guajiru 16 km

  • Morning briefing.
  • We will leave by car (1h drive) to Lagoinha for the start of the downwind.
  • The downwind remains technical and depending of the tide we will have more or less waves with swell. We will have more distance.
  • At the arrival in Guajiru we will be able to continue riding.
  • Debriefing of the day in the evening.

Day 4 (Tuesday) Guajiru – Baleia 27 km

  • Morning briefing.
  • We will leave for a 27 km downwind to Baleia.
  • Lunch break half way on the Emboaca spot.
  • Debriefing of the day in the evening.

Jour 5 (Mercredi) Baleia – Icaraizinho 30 km

  • Morning briefing.
  • Big downwind, depending on the tide, flat or waves.
  • We will stop in Caetanos for lunch before leaving for Icaraizinho.
  • Debriefing of the day in the evening at the sunset in Icarai de Amontada.

Day 6 (Thursday) Discovery of Icaraizinho and navigation on the spot of Patos

  • Morning Briefing
  • We’ll go to the Patos sailing spot. Discovery on the day (departure 9h return 17h30) a navigation of approximately 4h.
  • Located 10 km from Icarai de Amontada, we can go to Patos by downwind or 4×4 .
  • On the way back we will stop at Thiago’s Hut to admire the sunset and enjoy a caipirinha. We will have 1 hour of ride back in typical landscapes of the region.

Day 7 (Friday) Icaraizinho – Préa 44 km

  • Briefing on the day’s proceedings.
  • First stage Icaraizinho to Almofala by downwind where we will eat in a local restaurant located on the beach.
  • From Almofala we will take the car to Acarau (1 hour drive) to continue the downwind from Acarau to the beach of Préa.
  • Debriefing of the day in the evening.

Jour 8 (Samedi) Préa

  • Debriefing of the week.

During the kite safari:

  • Briefings from 9:00 to 10:00 a.m.
  • We will be at your disposition 24 hours a day throughout your stay.
  • You will be supervised by the guides during approximately 30 hours.
  • You will navigate about 25 hours during all your stay on more than 130 km.
  • The guides who are also coaches, they will advise you on the techniques of downwind, and on the various movements …
  • Debriefings of a maximum of 1 hour will take place upon arrival at the pousada.

Weekly rate downwind: 1810,00 €.
Attention limited space

The dates of the 2021 season
Taiba – Jericoacoara:

Saturday 10th to Saturday 17th July (8 seats)
Saturday 7 to Saturday 14 August (8 seats)
Saturday 04 to Saturday 11 September (8 seats)
Saturday 02 to Saturday 09 October (8 seats)
Saturday 30 October to Saturday 06 November (8 seats)
Saturday 04 to Saturday 11 December (8 seats)

  • Taiba paracuru

Table for estimating sailing time during downwinds

Itinerary KilometresNavigation time
Taiba – Paracuru 10 km 2H
Lagoinha – Guajiru 16 km 2H30
Guajiru – Baleia 27 km 4H
Baleia – Icaraizinho 30 km 4H
Lagoa de Patos Downwing and kitesurfing on spot 10 km 4H
Icaraizinho – Prea 44 km 5H

The table is indicative of the sailing time.
It all depends on the weather, sea state and physical condition of each person.
Arriving at the spots we can continue sailing.

What’s included

  • Water Guide to Safety.
  • Lodging
  • Breakfast
  • 4×4 that will follow us on the beach in each spot.

What’s not included:

  • The flight
  • Airport Transfer
  • Kitesurfing equipment
  • Lunch and dinner, drinks.

Required levels:

  • Know how to sail in all sea and wind conditions.
  • Going upwind acquired
  • Controlling transitions (preferably toeside and jibe).
  • Be able to retrieve your board and re-launch your kite in all circumstances.

Consult our advice on the preparation of your equipment and the essentials to put in your boardbag before traveling.

Any information or customization of your downwind stay

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