After learning to ride upwind you can continue your learning by perfecting different kitesurfing tricks.

During the lessons, the Kitexperiment team will give you the best advice so that you have a solid base to evolve quickly.

You dominate the upwind, the step of your learning is to learn the basis of the 3 transitions:

  • Simple transition:
    Will allow you to control your braking, and then go in the opposite direction.
  • The toeside: Navigate on toes.
  • The jibe is a turn to change tack and continue sailing on toeside.
The jibe to get into the toeside position just before taking a wave
Jibe strapless to take a wave

Why control your transitions?

Transitions are important for group riding while being in control and safe, having fun in the waves, learning new tricks and being comfortable in downwinds.

But we can go further in your learning, by learning more technical tricks (Darkslide, old school tricks, freestyle, kiteloop, downloop, downwind technical, Jump).

We learn to kitesurf on a twin tip board.

As the years pass, the sport evolves with different practices. (Kitefoil, snowkite, surfboard…).

the hydrofoil kitesurfing at icarai de amontada i, brazil, a true pleasur.

Everyone will find happiness in this sport.

That’s why we offer you lessons on different supports.

  • The strapless is a surfboard without a strap.
    We will find surfing sensations in the waves, but we can also evolve in freestyle-strapless. This practice gives us a feeling of freedom.
  • The Kite foil (hydrofoil), you want to have totally different sensations and surf all the time. Even when there is no wind?
    It’s possible with this type of board.

We find this practice in all nautical activities, surf, stand up, windsurf, wings foil

  • Transition variants in strapless

Required levels :

  • Knowing how to get upwind
  • For the kite-foil a good control of the kite in all wind conditions.

We organize intensive one-week advanced training courses during the season. You can see all the information in the category stay advanced kitesurfing courses.

For any information or personalization of your advanced courses.

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