Itinerant kitesurfing stay

The term “downwind” refers to starting from one point and moving downwind to another. It’s a kitesurfing trip that allows you to discover the immensity of the Brazilian coast.

No more need to worry about getting back to your starting point, the 4×4 follows the group by the beach allowing everyone to take a break, to hydrate you along the way and also to ensure the replacement or repair of your kitesurfing equipment to fully enjoy your ride.

Every day a new stage, a new adventure.
During the Itinerant stays you will travel hundreds of kilometers of spectacular beaches, mouths of rios, immense dunes of fine sand. You will experience a wild and unique nature.

Come and live a unique experience in complete safety with the support of a 4×4 vehicle all along the way and above all the supervision and advice.

stay downwind Taiba Jericoacoara

Taiba – Paracuru 10 km
Lagoinha – Guajiru 16 km
Guajiru – Baleia 27 km
Baleia – Icaraizinho 30 km
Discovery of Icaraizinho and navigation in Patos 10 km
Icaraizinho – Préa 44 km

Jericoacoara – Tatajuba 20 km
Tatajuba – Maceio 33 km
Macapá – Luis Correia 23 km
Parnaiba – Tutoia 70 km de balade en bateau
Paulino Neves – Atins 20 km

We personalize your downwind stay
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