Who is wingfoil for?

In our kitexperiment center we provide lessons from 12 years old to 65 years old. The only prerequisite to learn is to be able to swim!
The learning of wing foil is fast and does not require any particular physical effort.

Our wing foil courses have a simple objective: to be autonomous at the end of your course.

You will learn wing foil in ideal conditions in Icaraizinho (regular wind every day, warm water, flat water, big beach and few people).
Your progress will depend on the weather conditions but also on your sporting experience and your physical condition.
The sessions are 1 hour in individual lessons and 2 hours in group lessons (limited to 2 students).

Learn Wing Foil – Icarai de Amontada

We have determined 3 levels of entry according to your sporting experience for the learning of wing foil according to your knowledge:

  • You are a total beginner without any knowledge in water sports (kite, wind, surf, foil..): the wing foil learning program will be complete (plan between 3 and 4 lessons).
  • You already practice kitesurf, kitefoil, windsurf, windfoil : in this case, aptitude tests will be proposed to you at the beginning of your course and we will determine your needs, and adapt the best pedagogical progression (plan 2 to 3 courses).
  • If you already practice wing foil, you are here for improvement:
    • Change of direction : Learn how to tack, jibe, change foot…
    • Surfing and downwind : You already know how to wing ? We accompany you on your first wave and downwind in the bais of icaraizinho.

Our general pedagogy kitexperiment :

  • Choose your spot
  • Knowing and choosing your weather
  • Discovering the equipment: what for whom according to the rider’s evolution
  • Assembling the equipment, managing your equipment.
  • Handling the kite on land, taking charge of the wing, making it safe
  • Aerodynamic knowledge of the kite, management of the kite in the air, search for stability and power.
  • Search for traction on a kneeling and standing stand up.
  • Management of the navigation, going down and upwind on the water with a sup, with the wing
  • Take charge of a board with a foil, how to handle it, carry it, set it up in the water
  • Master the navigation of the board with a foil, the first lift, pumping.
  • Overall handling, first navigation on your knees then standing up
  • Wing foil navigation with lift on the foil, going downwind
  • Turn of board, jibe
  • Trick, surfing the swell etc…
  • wing foil

Wing foil board rental

Travel light we rent wing foil boards.
For independent riders, we have all sizes of boards (40L – 120L) and hydrofoils (950cm² – 1500cm²). 

Contact us to book your wing foil course or your rental equipment

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