What is the Wing Foil?

Wing Foiling is the latest in board sports. It consists in managing a kite not attached to the board and carried with both hands while standing on a hydrofoil mounted on a short board. It is a cross discipline between Windfoiling, Kite Foiling and SUP Foiling.

The major interest of Wing Foiling is to be able to move around on the water as freely as possible using both wind and wave energy. The kite brings a lot of manoeuvrability and help for an easy take-off with the foil. Using a constant force (the wind) whereas the Downwind SUP Foil is more difficult because it only uses the power of the swell. It is therefore possible, thanks to the lightness and mobility of a wing, to change direction easily during the same session. Go upwind using the wind and the best axis of your kite to reach the fastest speed. Then go upwind and surf the swell as if you were Downwind SUP Foiling. It’s a fun way to surf that brings the wing foil.

Le wing foil à Icarai de Amontada

The hydrofoil allows you to take off above the water and fly above the surface. Wing Foiling is practiced on a short but wide and thick board. It allows its pilot to be stable and to stand easily on the board. Starting with Wing Foil allows you to experience new sensations of gliding but also to navigate freely. Easy on any body of water while keeping the equipment relatively simple to use and assemble. It can be practiced in any wind direction but will be more interesting downwind with a side wind. It is also possible to practice Wing Foiling in waves and use the lift of the kite to return to the alignment and link the waves.

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