Kitexperiment gives you some advices about your equipment and the essentials to take in your boardbag to optimize your stay downwind ou advanced training.

What are the kite sizes to take?

We advise you to take all your kite sizes
The size according to your size varies from 5m² to 12m².
The wind can vary from 20 knots to 35 knots depending on the weather and the spots.
In downwind it is always advisable to be a little more canvas to go downwind easily.

How many kites to take on the trip?

2 to 3 sizes of wings is enough, but you can take more for your comfort.

Check your kites:

  • Check your kitesurf for possible leaks.
  • Spinnaker in good condition (no holes, sign of wear with risk of tear).
  • the bridle:
    • Check that there is no significant wear (risk of breakage).
    • Check the pulleys and line connections.

How many boards can I take?

One twintip board is enough but you can take an extra strapless.
Take a cover to protect your surfboard in transport…
Warning: strapless downwinds require experience! You have to master transitions and foot changes in all wind and sea conditions.

Before you go, check:

  • The wear and tear of your straps (straps, plastics).
  • The screws of the straps tightened well and without wear.
  • The screws of the fins in good condition.
  • The fins

The board leash is not recommended on twintips.

How many bars should I take?

Take 2 bars in very good condition.

Check your bars: 

  • The lines.
  • the bordered/shocked.
  • the power adjustment cleat and the wear-free trim tab.
  • Functional width and operational safety line without wear.
  • The line connections on your kite.
un coucher de soleil dans les dunes d'Icarai de Amontada dans le Ceara au brésil.

What you will need during your kiteboarding holiday:

We are close to the equator so we will be exposed to the sun for most of the day.

We suggest you take :

  • Sunscreen.
  • After sun cream.
  • Long-sleeved Lycra (a plus with a hood).
  • Leg tights.
  • A cap.
  • Special kite sunglasses with cord.
  • Mosquito repellent.
  • First aid kit for scratches.

Your personal money during the kite trip:

Many shops take the credit card but we advise you to change money at the airport. You will be able to withdraw money in some of the towns we will be passing through.

If you have any questions before your trip

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