Our courses have a simple objective: to be autonomous at the end of your internship.
You will learn kite in ideal conditions (regular wind every day, hot water, flat water, large beach and few people).

Your progress will depend on the weather conditions but also on your sporting experiences and your physical condition.

The sessions are 3 hours in group classes.

The first two sessions you will learn:

2 sessions of 3 hours each

  • Presentation and setup of the kite
  • Essential theory (safety, launching, kite control)
  • Kite control (without the board):
    • Static
    • Dynamic
    • One-hand control
    • Initiation of the re-launch of the kite
    • Discovery of the wind window
  • bodydrag
  • exercise to the waterstart without the board

3rd session

  • First start with the board
  • Feeling of gliding and balance on the board with the harness
  • Notion of heading and drift.

4th and 5th sessions:

  • You will decide on the choice of your equipment according to the conditions
  • Search for autonomy in navigation

  • kitesurf lesson with kitexperiment at icarai de amontada

If you have taken kite lessons before we will adapt our pedagogy according to your level and the basics acquired.

All bookings of kitesurfing lessons with an anticipation of 10 days, a discount of 10% will be made.
Contact us for more information.

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