Objective of the advanced training course – Icaraizinho

The kitesurfing week with kitexperiment has been designed to be as complete as possible, to cover as many points as you wish. It will allow you to discover the different spots in the Icaraizinho region.
You will navigate on all types of water in order to progress in your navigation.
We will make you evolve on the various techniques of downwind but also on but also on the tricks you want to learn (twintip, strapless…).

During the 5 days of coaching we will cover the following topics:

  •  Safety :
    • Safe take-off techniques with 2 people.
    • Take-off techniques alone.
    • Priorities in kiteboarding.
    • How to do a self-rescue.
    • How to adjust your kitesurfing equipment (kite and bar).
  • Icaraizinho’s spot discoveries :
    •    You will be able to navigate on different water surfaces for your progression (flat, wave, swell).
    • Perform downwinds.
    • Analyse a new spot when you arrive for the first time:
      • Locate obstacles in the water and on the water.
      • Set up your kitesurfing equipment in the best place.
      • Choose where to sail so as not to put yourself in danger.
      • Where the wind is best on the spot.
  • Learn the tricks you want:
    • Transitions (simple, toeside, Jibe)
    • Basics of strapless (how to ride and transitions)
    • Advanced strapless basics in waves and freestyle
    • Basics of unhookages for freestyle
    • The first unhooker figures
    • The bigair:
      • Know how to jump high, and land with control.
      • How to analyse a trick to make it faster and correct yourself
  • Downwinds
    • During the course you will learn how to downwind correctly with the advanced techniques:
      • Downloop
      • Kiteloop
      • Transition toeside and Jibe
      • Reading the coastline to descend safely downwind:
      • Identify obstacles in the water
      • Identify where there may be potential for downwind sailing
  • HB Equipment Test:
    • Kitexperiment is in partnership with the pure strapless brand HB, you will have the opportunity to test the latest equipment of the year.

With the guidance of our qualified instructors during the course.
You will have gained experience that will help you in your daily progress in kitesurfing while discovering the spots of the region.

Schedule of the week:

Day 1 (Monday)

  • Briefing with the group: (from 2pm)
  • Check the equipment if necessary.
  • Making contact with the group and the management team (knowing the level of the
  • kitesurfers)
  • Organization of the training week
  • The aim of the course is to improve everyone’s skills.
  • A first navigation will take place in the Bay of Icaraizinho or on the spot of the “ponta”. (the choice will depend on the tide)
  • Session of observation of each person’s level and remediation (4h supervision)

Day 2 (Tuesday)

  • Morning briefing.
  • We will do a first downwind to the spot of the point (3km of downwind
  • duration of the descent about 30 min).
  • Arrived on the spot we will continue the coaching on the various techniques of downwind and moves. (4h coaching)

Day 3 (Wednesday) spot of Patos

  • Morning Briefing
  • We will go on the spot of Patos. discovery on the day (departure 9h return 17h30)
  • Located at 10km from Icarai de Amontada, we will go downwind to the spot (approximately 2 hours of descent). We will continue our navigation in the arm of the sea (flat) or the water lagoon soft (flat).
  • Lunch together in a local restaurant by the beach.
  • Back from the downwind in 4×4, we will stop at Thiago’s hut for
  • admire the sunset and enjoy a caipirinha. 1 hour drive back to the city in typical landscapes of the region.

Day 4 (Thursday)

  • Briefing.
  • A first navigation will take place in the Bay of Icaraizinho or on the spot of the “ponta”. (the choice will depend on the tide)
  • Learning the different downwind techniques and the desired manoeuvres. (4h supervision)

Day 5 (Friday) Spot of Caetanos

  • Briefing.
  • We go back east towards Caetanos in 4×4. You will continue your coaching on the village spot.
  • Lunch together in a local restaurant by the beach.
  • Downwind 15 km to return to Icaraizinho.

The program of the week and the schedules will be fixed according to the tide, for
optimize your practice in the best conditions.

Price of the advanced week : 990€ (Attention limited places)

During the stay:

  • Briefings will take place before the session (usually on the beach).
  • You will be coached by the coaches for about 30 hours.
  • You will sail for about 20 hours throughout your stay.
  • The coaches will be there to advise you and help you progress in the following areas downwind techniques, and the different manoeuvres, transitions, jumps, strapless, waves.

The dates of the 2024 training courses
From 08 July 2024 until 20 December 2024, every week from Monday to Friday.
To keep the quality of learning, we take 4 students / instructor during the course.

  • An essential figure with a twintip

What’s included:

  • The coaches will be present to supervise you during approximately 5 hours / day.
  • Test Equipment HB
  • Transport to the spots.
  • Lunch on the kite day trips (Patos and Caetanos)

What’s not included:

  • The robbery.
  • Airport transfer (round trip).
  • Kitesurfing equipment.
  • Midday and evening meals and drinks. (about 12€/ meal).
  • Lodging.

We can organize for you:

  • Airport transfer (round trip).
  • Kitesurfing equipment rental. (depends on availability).
  • We can help you find accommodation.

Required levels:

  • Know how to sail in all sea and wind conditions.
  • To know how to go upwind.

Consult our advice on the preparation of your equipment and the essentials to put in your boardbag before traveling.

To Book or for more information

All kitesurf training course reservations with 10 days notice will receive a 10% discount.
Please contact us for more information.

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