Discover the Northeast of Brazil with B&BOB kiteboarding and Kitexperiment

The advantage of kitesurfing: we travel while practicing our passion.
We are looking for a destination where the wind is present every day with pleasant temperatures to sail in shorts.

B&BOB kiteboarding
Durant la saison estivale en France, Bob vous amènera sur le spot des Aresquiers ou à l’Espiguette dans la région de Montpellier.

When the summer season ends in Europe, continue to improve your skills in water at 27°C with regular wind, flats or waves.

B&BOB kiteboarding has decided to make you discover a great place that every kitesurfer looks for during his travels. Wind every day with warm water and large wild beaches.

Icarai de Amontada is a small fishing village on the Brazilian coast 180 km from Fortaleza.
Both residents and visitors to Icaraizinho enjoy its tranquility and natural beauty.

The rio de Aracatiaçù that you discover when you go to one of the kitesurfing spots of the Icarai de Amontada

B&BOB kiteboarding based in Montpellier in partnership with Kitexperiment whose founder Mat who has a great experience of the Brazilian coast, will share with you and discover the best sailing places in the Icaraizinho region!

The services we offer during your stay:

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