The 2019 Takoon Kiteboarding Collection

After many months of work, the appearance of a new logo and a digital campaign unveiling Their new universe, they are now proud to present you their new collection!

The collection includes first of all the arrival of a single-platted wing called One Light. A wing that they wanted to be resolutely accessible, easy and reassuring to focus on the pleasure of sailing.

Le kite mono light de takoon
The kite mono-latte of takoon

Two new surfboards and a foil board are introduced, all with linen construction. These are completed by a completely revised range of TTs with the addition of a wakestyle board.

They also want to be able to multiply the color options so that everyone can find a product that suits them. They offer all their surfboards and twin tips in several colours by size. 

Add to that the existing wings, Wook and Skoop, which have been redesigned and optimized. New harnesses, a completely redesigned luggage range, many new accessories. And also their famous Tikis for those who want to discover a new slide. 

The wook reviewed and optimized

They are also pleased to present their new Sweet Bar. Designed, designed and developed to make it the unique bar of all your wings, whatever your program.

The new Sweet Barre

And the big news of this year 2019 will come in the summer. The new Furia has been completely redesigned to meet a dual objective. Maintain what has made it successful for years while pushing back current performance criteria. A daring bet that they think they have taken up and are eager to introduce you.

They consider this new collection as a creation in its own right that they invite you to discover on

Kitexperiment will tell you more about it in a future article.

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